What country has the most unique environmental policies?



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    I would nominate Iceland as having some of the most unique environmental policies in the world. Iceland is probably the greenest nation on earth, deriving a staggering 81% of its energy from totally renewable domestic sources, a record not matched anywhere else on the planet. That’s probably because of an accident of geology and geography. Iceland straddles one of the most active geologic zones in the world, and the country has been wealthy enough to devote considerable resources to harnessing its geothermal power. This has been done mostly through the impetus of the Icelandic government which began a large-scale push for geothermal energy way back in the 1940s. Right now although Iceland is doing very well with both geothermal and hydroelectric power, they want to do better in cutting down on the percentage of their energy that does come from imported fossil fuels.  The country also has strict environmental laws that keep it one of the cleanest nations on earth. Not surprisingly, Iceland has a very high standard of living.

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