What country has the most off shore drills for oil?



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    This is a hard one to answer because many offshore drilling rigs are owned by multinational corporations. Location-wise, the largest portion is probably in the Persian Gulf, as Saudi Arabia is still the largest exporter of petroleum, although there are many (nearly 4,000) in the Gulf of Mexico as well.

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    There are far more offshore wells in the US Gulf of Mexico (4000 platforms supporting more than 5000 separate wells) than there are in the Persian Gulf. Wells in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf nations produce far more than US wells, so there are far fewer of them. On average, all US wells (onshore and offshore) produce about 10 barrels per day per well. Saudi wells produce more like 5,000 barrels per day per well – and some of them have done so for more than 50 years. Saudi Arabia has about 750 to 1000 wells altogether, and most are onshore.

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