What country has the most shark attacks?



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    Top 10 List on the Ten Countries with the Most Number of Shark Attacks

    1. Continental USA
    2. Australia
    3. South Africa
    4. Hawaii, USA
    5. Brazil
    6. Papua New Guinea
    7. New Zealand
    8. Mexico
    9. Iran
    10. Bahamas

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      In terms of distance, I am not sure how the coasts of the US compare to the coasts of Australia, South Africa, and so on, but I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of coastline and the amount of shark attacks. It would seem like whoever has the most shore space would have the most attacks, but who knows??

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    Continental US has the most attacks.  Australia and South Africa typically have the most fatal attacks.  Worldwide there are typically 50-75 attacks and only a fraction of those are fatal.  The lowest in the past ten years in 1 fatal the most is 11.

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