What country has the most rock quarries?



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    The countries with the highest percentage of their economies dedicated to ore and metal exports are in order from number 1, Zambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Chile, Niger, DR Congo, Papua New Guinea, Peru.

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    To address the question, the US has more than 4000 quarries for crushed stone as well as 6,400 sand and gravel quarries. One of the main uses for both crushed stone and sand and gravel is cement. If we look at world cement production, we see that the US is the #3 cement producer, but India produces more than twice as much cement and China produces nearly 20 times as much cement as the US. It is likely that China has the world’s greatest number of rock quarries producing crushed stone and sand and gravel, simply to support its huge cement industry.

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