What country has the most lofty CO2 emissions reduction target?



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    While China has pledged a 40-45% reduction in emissions, their target is relative to their gross domestic product.  This will not lower emissions unless China’s growth slows, but it will reduce the speed in which emissions increase. 

    Other countries have lofty targets, but there is one important thing to consider: the base year from which the emissions cuts are set against.  For example, the United States has set a goal for around 17%, but that is 17% of 2005 emissions.  Most countries have used 1990 as their base year.  Taking this into consideration, Norway seems to have the loftiest reduction goal: 30-40% of 1990 levels. 

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    Finland announced that they plan to reduce their emissions by 80% under the 1990 level of emissions by 2050. By 2020 they plan to get >20% reduction of the 1990 level. This is probably the biggest announcement made for emission reduction, but Finland is a fair small country with only around 5 million people. The effort is still admirable nontheless.

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