What country has the most land mass?



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    The winner is Russia, weighing in at 17,075,200 square kilometers.  The U.S. is third place, behind Canada.

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    Russia has the largest land territory by far at 16,377,742 square kilometers (6,562,100 sq. miles). China is second at 9,569,901 km^2, USA is third at 9,161,966 km^2. By total area, Russia still holds the top spot and US is still third, and Canada rises to 2nd place.

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    Russia.  The second is Canada.  However, the thing to remember here is that these two countries do not have that large of a population.  According to the World Source Bank the estimated population of Russia is 141,800,000

    The population of Canada is only 33,311,389

    So compare this to a country that land-wise is much smaller like India.  India’s population is 1,147,995,904

    So just remember that land-mass doesn’t have that large of an effect on pollution or environmental degradation.  it is more about population, poverty, and industry. 

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