What country has the most earthquakes in a day or a year?



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    Indonesia, located in an extremely active seismic zone, has the most earthquakes annually.

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    This answer is different based on how you look at it.  Based on total earthquakes the answer is Indonesia.  However, based on earthquake to land area, the answer is probably Japan.  Japan is a more seismic zone, but Indonesia has much more land mass.  Tonga and Fiji also have a large amount of earthquakes compared to their small size.

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    Usually an earthquake occurs near or on major fault lines; the plate that shifts the most is the Pacific Plate, which causes what we refer to as the “Ring of Fire.” Earthquakes happen the most around this fault line, which touches countries of Japan, Indonesia, Eastern Australia, and the Western United States. As you can see in the links, the most earthquakes happen in areas around Indonesia and Japan.

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