What country has the most bamboo structures?



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    Well thanks for asking! It looks to me as if bamboo is the way to go!
    One billion people live in bamboo houses. In Bangladesh, 73% of the population live in bamboo houses. Bamboo provides pillars, walls, window frames, rafters, room separators, ceilings and roofs.
    In Yunnan Province (China), which borders Sichuan, the Dai minority still lives in bamboo homes. And in affluent Zhejiang Province, where bamboo is plentiful, local officials have been encouraging architects to design recreational infrastructure using bamboo. Building experts in China who have been testing bamboo give it the seal of approval for building in the seismic zone.
    Maybe Bangladesh is leading at the presetn time, but if/when China gets with the bamboo program, I bet it will be first place in no time, in the bamaboo structures race.

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