What country has the largest seed banks?



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    England is home to the largest seed bank.  They refer to it as the Millennium Seed Bank Project, and as you may be able to infer from the name, it was started in the year 2000.  Their goal for 2010 was to collect 10% of the worlds dry-land plants, and they achieved this goal by October of 2009.  The project’s next goal is to collect 25% by 2020.

    Pictured is the public ared of the seed bank:



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    The government of Norway has funded a giant Seed Vault that has been managed with the Nordic Genetic Research Center, and the global crop diversity trust.
    The Vault is capable of storing 4.5 million samples with an average of 500 seeds. The Vault is held at -18 degrees celsuis, and is expected to withstand radiation as well as a large range of temperatures.

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