What country has the largest impact on the environment?



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    The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world. They rely on their vast, cheap oil reserves to power such absurdisms as air conditioned beaches and man-made islands.

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    While the United Arab Emirates has the largest per capita carbon footprint, the United States and China surpass all other countries in terms of total emissions.

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    Also, through the global media, the U.S. has a considerable impact on the level of consumerism in the world. Resource use, driven through the purchase of products, is one the most profound ways we impact the environment, and the U.S. certainly sets the trend for the consumer-based lifestyle.

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    This answer shows that the U.S. produces, by far, the most garbage out of all other nations. Apparently, the average U.S. citizen produces 7lbs of garbage a day, though I’ve seen that number at only 4lbs. With that said, as a whole, China produces 22.3% of global carbon emissions–this is now more than the United States! Because of their huge populations, developing countries will soon have the largest impact on the environment and climate change.

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    Impact and Environment.  These two words alone are very broad and make a question like this difficult to answer briefly.  If by “negative” impact, as in annual carbon emissions, non-renewable resource waste, land munipulation, and contribution to the reduction of species populations that are either endangered or extinct, then probably China over the past 20 or so years, due to the nation’s vast industrial behemoth.

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