What country has the highest levels of water pollution?



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    According to a table at grinningplanet.com, the worst water pollution is in the Benguela Current in the South Atlantic Ocean.  Most of the worst water pollution is in the ocean and seas.  The worst countries appear to be the ones around the Congo River Basin.  Water pollution depends on a variety of statistics (microbiological, chemical, etc.), so different areas are worse for different types of pollution.

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    According to the chart I found in http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/env_wat_fre_pol-environment-water-freshwater-pollution, it seems like Israel has the most amount of pollution in its freshwater supply.  According to http://webworld.unesco.org/water/wwap/press_corner/keralanext.pdf, a 2003 study showed Belgium, Morocco, and India to have the worst water quality for its citizens.

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