What country has the cheapest gas?



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    Venezuela, with a whole gallon of gas for just $0.12 USD.  It’s followed by Nigeria and Egypt, at $0.38 and $0.65, respectively.  The reason for the cheap gas prices is that gas in those areas is produced locally by government organizations, and the prices are held way down as a benefit to the citizens of those nations.

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    I came across different figures and countries. According to my source, Turkmenistan has a cheapest gas prices, with a relative $0.03 / liter, which is $0.11355 / gallon. Second is Iraq, with $0.05 / liter or $0.18925 / gallon, third is Iran, $0.08 / liter, $0.03028 / gallon. 

    Venezuela, on this list, is only 4th, $0.2 / liter, $0.757 per gallon.

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