what country has the best air quality?



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    There are not many studies which are comprehensive enough to evalutate the entire worlds air quality due to the many contributing factors to air quality. However according to Travel and Leisure magazines interview with Paul Frazer “an expert in ozone and climate change from Australia‚Äôs Commonwealth Scientific”, Tasmania has the best cleanest air. So if you are planning on moving, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

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    A travel blog recently listed the top 10 vacation spots based on air quality.  While it is hard to find any part of earth whose air is completely clean, since toxins from other countries can travel thousands of miles in the air, there are a few places left on earth where the air has (relatively) been untouched.  Tasmania, Samoa, Antartica, Iceland, Easter Island, Cape Penninsula, Patagonia, Tahiti.

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