What country has the best anti global warming campaign?



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    It is very difficult to say which country has the best anti global warming campaign because countries are doing a wide variety of things to try and help fight it.  The United States along with most of the developed world is switching over to more renewable energy and starting to try to get away from using fossil fuels.  However, each country has certain preferences as to how to do this and it is almost impossible to say which is doing the best job.  Germany and Spain have a lot of solar energy, while China and Iceland use a lot of geothermal energy.  Other countries like the United States and Canada are employing wind power, and some are using tidal power.  Each country is going at it a different way, and the important thing is that we are all fighting global warming together.  Like I said, it is difficult to pick the best campaign, but I think we should focus on the fact that many countries are in the fight against global warming.

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    A ranking by Yale University of all the countries in the world on the Environmental Protection Index, which gave each country a number based on a variety of factors, including carbon emissions, awarded Switzerland as the greenest country in the world, with a score of 95.5. The top 10 were as follows: 

    1. Switzerland-95.5

    2. Sweden 93.1

    3. Norway 93.1

    4. Finland 91.4

    5. Costa Rica 90.5

    6. Austria 89.4

    7. New Zealand 88.9

    8. Latvia 88.8

    9. Colombia 88.3

    10. France 87.8

    the US ranked 39th, at 81.0. At the bottom was Niger, with a score of 39.1.

    It should also be noted that, by other rubrics, Iceland, Finland, Germany, and Costa Rica have all been declared the greenest country, given their low instance of pollution and efforts to conserve resources

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