What country is doing a good job of continuing to grow without hurting the environment?



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    Because Brazil is in an area that will be strongly affected by global warming, it’s taken many powerful steps to protect the environment.  These include measures to protect the Amazon rainforest and restrict trade in illegal wood. Brazil also invests heavily in alternative energy sources, like hydroelectric power and ethanol. 

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    Switzerland is famous for being clean and efficient, and have carried this over to the environment. The Swiss have many environmental taxes and pay a fair amount for services such as water, which pretty much always results in people using less.

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    In addition to the answers above, the answers to a similar question (“What are some eco-friendly developing countries?”) are also quite useful. See link below:


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    There are actually several European countries that make this list. Iceland is simply famous for being able to protect and preserve the unique environment that it has. Nearly all of its energy comes from renewable energy sources and they are lucky enough to have an ample amount of geothermal energy supplied to them.

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