What country is doing the best job of conserving forests in their country?



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    One country that is doing a great job at conserving forests is Costa Rica.  Costa Rica was largely deforested back in the 50s.  There have been extreme measures made in creating strict laws regarding the forests, and sustainable farming is practiced there as well.  The government offers incentives for helping reforest the country overall the country is doing very well with this endeavor. 

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    Interestingly, Canada is doing a lot to preserve the northern boreal forests.  Although this area is rather pristine due to a lack of interest/accessibility difficulties, the boreal forest has much ecological significance as it stores a lot of the Earth’s carbon and provides summer homes to a number of migratory animals. 

    In an effort to preserve even more of this forested land, a group of environmental organizations and government agencies created Canada’s Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, which seeks to introduce more sustainable harvesting or prevent harvesting in large swaths of protected area.

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