What country is doing the best job with building a sustainable future?



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    Germany. They are accelerating their efforts to become the first industrialized country to be power by 100% renewable energy. At their current pace they could reach their goal by 2050. This would mean that Germany’s power demand would be dealt free of fossil fuels.

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    I would say Iceland. Over 80% of the power used in Iceland comes from renewable sources, particularly geothermal energy. That’s not surprising considering they’ve got it to spare: Iceland is built on one of the most geologically active spots on the globe, and their government has been heavily pushing the exploitation of geothermal energy since the 1940s. The Icelanders want to have an even better record, though, and are looking at ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuels they import to cover their energy that they can’t get from renewable sources. Given the efficiency of the Icelandic governmental system, the small number of their population and their enormous energy resources, I wouldn’t be surprised if Iceland becomes the world’s first totally sustainable country even before Germany does.

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