What country does meat make up the largest percentage of their diet?



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    I’m getting different statistics, but it seems that the countries with the highest meat consumption include the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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    According to the 2000  US census, the top consumer of pork was Denmark, at 73.7 kilograms per capita, the top consumer of poultry was Hong Kong, at 67.2 kilograms per capita, and the top consumer of beef and veal was Argentina, at 70.2 kilograms per capita.

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    As of 2002, Denmark consumes the most meat followed by New Zealand and the US.  Meat consumption in the US has almost doubled since 1950.  As of 2006, the average American eats 87 lbs of chicken, 66lbs of beef, 51 lbs of pork, 17 lbs of turkey, and 1 pound each of veal and lamb PER YEAR!

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