What country do you think is the least dependent on oil?



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    Countries that have no real industrial economy, like the Congo, Chad, Niger, and Madagascar. All industrialized nations need oil for transportation which fuels modern economies. The third world will not be dependent on oil until they begin to develop industry.

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    On a per capita basis, the idea in the other answer is reasonable. On an absolute total consumption basis, tiny island nations, whether industrialized or not, use much less oil than a large nation like Congo (11,000 b/d in 2008). For example, Niue is reported to use only 35 barrels per day; St Helena is at 100 barrels per day.

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    Also island micro-states such as Vanuatu are not as dependent on oil for the functioning of their internal economies, however they are dependent on oil to transport modern goods to them. The developing world is ripe for the development of alternative energy sources instead of coming in late for dependence on fossil fuels.

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