What country is contributing the most to the pacific garbage patch?



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    I don’t think that you will be able to find such a specific answer. The trash in the garbage patch cannot necessarily be traced back along the currents of the Pacific Ocean to the country where it first came from. The question of where the most trash produced was answered by user alcyone here, and this can be used to extrapolate. The United States produces the most garbage, and much trash is still discarded via dumping into the ocean, so you COULD say that it’s mostly coming from the U.S. However, a definitive answer is not really possible.

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    The patch rests between countries faily equally, so you can’t really contribute the majority to the US anymore than you can to Eastern Asia.  And jvanderlee is right; because the patch is formed in the ocean, any country that pollutes into their waterways (which is assuredly ALL of them) then it ends up in the patch at some point.  Industrialized countries that have regulations in place are probably less likely to have the same amount of contaminants, but then we don’t know the rate it’s being enforced either.  Third world countries and under-developed countries probably contribute the most, but again, there’s no method to track that officially.

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