What country consumes the most gas per person?



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    While the United States far and away consumes the most oil period, statistics show that, on balance with population, the Virgin Islands surprisingly consumes the most oil per capita.

    (The most recent statistics available on this are from 2007; things may be slightly switched around, but three years probably isn’t massive enough a time gap to substantially change the countries listed on the cited chart.)

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    The results that I found for most oil consumption per capita per day actually puts Singapore in first place.  Rounding out the top 5 were the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United States.  For more of the rankings you can check out the link that I attached.

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    Assuming the original question refers to gasoline, then it would be the US – the US consumes almost half (44%) of all the gasoline used in the world. Conceivably there could be some tiny island nation that does use more per capita, but that would be pretty irrelevant. If the original questioner means natural gas, that is a different question entirely.

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