What country can say they are the greenest?



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    Yale University came up with a ranking of the greenest countries in the world. 149 countries were ranked according to an environmental performance index (EPI) which takes into consideration the country’s carbon and sulfur emissions, water purity, and conservation practices. According to this ranking, Switzerland is the greenest country in the world, with a 95.5 rating. However, an interesting article mentions that if California were a country, it would probably rank as one of the greenest. The article is available here: http://www.twilightearth.com/environment-archive-2/the-greenest-country-in-the-world/.

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    But California is not a country, its part of American, which is one of the biggest guzzlers in the world.

    I read an article recently that said Cuba was factoring in as one of the greenest purely because they started making moves many years ago.

    That said, I´m not entirely convinced. Switzerland, reportedly, is the greenest on the scale mentioned above.

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