What countries have the most climate refugees?



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    Good question. We are acutally studying this in class. Countries with climate refugees are seen in Africa, India, Cambodia and China. In China 1.25 million people were displaced over 16 years for the giant Three Gorges dam on the Yangtze River, according to co-author Yan Tan of the University of Adelaide in Australia. In Africa , people are suffering droughts, which makes it hard for people to attain water. India suffers from decreasing snow cover, affecting snow-fed glacial systems such as the Ganges and Bramhaputra. 70% of the summer flow of the Ganges comes from meltwater. Cambodia is experiencing various problems like droughts, rise of sea level and destruction of agriculture from temeprature rise. All of these environmental changes affects human changes too. We have to prepare ourselves in order to live in this type of vulnerable challenges that faces us in the near future. 

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