What could I use to stuff a bean bag chair without buying any new plastics or other unsustainable materials?



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    If you have any old cloth (sheets, towels, etc.), pillow material, or newspaper around the house, you can cut them up, mix them together, and fill your bean bag chair with the mixture.

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    Old clothes that you don’t wear and aren’t worth selling or giving away. That is a type of cloth. Old curtains, jeans that don’t fit, etc.

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    Old socks and clothing that is some what not worth anything to you or you could use things that can not be put in the recycling bin but can be recycled around the house like cut up styrofoam trays, (washed) bits of egg cartons, plastic bags (the ones that are used for shoping), and pieces of aluminum foil would be nice to put in a bean bag chair as stuffing.

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