What could cause the world to come to an end?



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    My guess is that it would have to be something catastrophic, like an enormous meteor that hits the earth with enough impact to knock it off its orbit a bit, or obviously nuclear war on a grand scale. In my opinion the continued inaction over climate change will eventually significantly alter life on this planet as we know it, as more species become extinct due to habitat loss, flooding, invasive species, drought, starvation, etc.

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    There are a number of astrological incidents that could destroy the entire planet. The most likely of these is a Supernova. This occurs when stars burn up their fuel sources and explode. Stars that are several light years away from Earth could send gamma rays and other radiation towards Earth and destroy it completely. The odds of this happening are extremely low however and our sun won’t burn out for another 4 billion years or so, so were probably good on that front. We just have to worry about destroying the planet ourselves.

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