what could be wrong with a ferret if she drags her back legs then they work and now she drags her front legs and she dose’nt run around any more she just lays at the bottom of her cage

female ferret dark mass in her ears



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    This could be any multitude of problems and the best thing to do would be to take the ferret to her veterinarian.  It could be anything from poor diet, arthritis, age, etc.  Because of the range of possibilities, this animal needs to be seen by a doctor licensed to deal with “exotic” pets.  Bring a list of symptoms and also know exactly what brand/type of food, treats, supplements and medications the ferret is on.  Be as educated as you can be and make sure to ask a lot of questions to ensure that your girl feels better.  If she doesn’t already have a veterinarian, the internet is a great resource for searches of this sort.  Do not try to self-diagnose. 

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    Maybe she is ill or there is an internal problem. I suggest medical attention, so start documenting these symptoms. Make a note of times these symptoms occur and try to google information on your findings. You might be able to figure out the problem. But most of all, medical attention is the ultimate course of action.

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