What is the cost of replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows, and how many years would it take to recoup the investment in energy savings?



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    The cost of replacing old windows with their energy-efficient counterparts depends, of course on the quantity and size of windows. Energy star windows cost about $120 for a 36″ x 72″ pane but can cost more depending on size plus the additional cost of installation. After the initial expense though, there should be a noticeable decrease in energy bills ranging from between $126 and $465 per year depending on the variables. 


    One possible formula is as follows:

    [Your average monthly energy bill (if you have gas and electric just add them together) X.4] X.15 = projected savings per month. Divide this number into the cost of upgrading your windows and you have how many months it would take to recoup your investment.

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