what is the cost difference between plastic and bio degradable plastic cups?

Biodegradable plastic must be much more expensive than regular plastic, otherwise why wouldn’t restaurants, stadiums, and every other business use bio degradable plastics instead?



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    A restaurant provider website has clear PET 16oz plastic cups for about $4.59 for a pack of 50. The same kind of 16oz clear cup that is compostable is about $6.25 for 50.  While it might not seem like much (less than $2 difference) when purchasing for mass volume like for stadiums or restaurant chains that $2 can add up to a lot.  If it’s for an event like a wedding or something the cost difference wouldn’t add up to so much (though it would contribute to a greater price). 

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    There are many different kinds of biodegradable plastics.  Many so-called biodegradable plastics will not biodegrade in any natural environment found on earth!  See http://earthnurture.com to learn more.

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