What is the coolest way you have heard of people helping the environment?



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    I saw a television show that described a great way that fishermen in Provincetown, MA are battling pollution. During their work, they collect trash that accumulates in their nets and cages from people disposing of waste in the ocean and set it aside. All of this trash gets taken to a plant. Metals and other things that would release noxious gases or fumes are removed and the rest of it gets burned at an extremely high temperature and 90% of the waste can be converted into energy. The other 10% is converted into a very fine ash that takes up only a small amount of space that trash would normally take up in a landfill.

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    Alternative Spring Breaks. This is where college students instead of going skiing or to the beach decide to volunteer their time and help the environment for a week. In New Orleans you can go for a week and help rebuild the gulf coast by planting Christmas trees to help lessen the storms impact on the state.

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