What is the coolest thing made from recycled materials you have seen?



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    Probably the coolest thing that I have seen made from recycled materials is a toy airplane made out of soda cans. My grandmother saw a man selling these a long time ago and purchased one for me to play with at her house when I was little. The amount of detail that was put into this toy airplane amazed me, and I can’t imagine how many hours it took to make out of soda cans. Even though it wasn’t battery powered like other toys at the time, I was proud to show it off for how unique it was. 

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    I know a lot of people in advertising, so this recycling idea just piqued my interest. Waste 2 Wow takes all of the oversized,used billboards that have ended their run and turns them into products like trendy bags and unique furniture. I never thought of reusing billboards for anything before! Just imagine how many miles of scrap billboard materials have been tossed over the years.

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    I really like these upcycled sculptures and light installations made from plastic bottles by UK eco-designer Michelle Brand. 

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    I think the coolest thing I have seen made from recycled materials are houses. I have seen them made from old glass bottles which was an awesome idea. 

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    There is a fair-trade retail store called Orchid Lane in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They sell clothing, jewelry and other accessories, and trinkets. Handcrafted items from countries like India and Ecuador line the shelves, and some of the clothing is even made from recycled material. The uniqueness of the store and the beauty of the recycled-cloth shawl that I purchased makes this one of my favorite recycled items.

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