What is the coolest thing about a rhino that you know of?



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    Rhinos are fascinating creatures. There are many really great things about them. I think it’s cool that despite their bad eyesight, their other sense help them to thrive. They can also live up to 45 years and a group of Rhinos is called a “crash”. I really didn’t know to much about Rhinos for someone who likes them so much. Thanks for the question!

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    One fact about rhinos that I thought was interesting is that their horns aren’t actually true horns. They are made out of matted hair and aren’t skeletally supported.

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    Rhinos look pretty slow, but they can actually run up to 30 to 40 miles per hour! That sounds more scary than cool to me, though…

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    Contrary to popular belief, the reason rhinos charge is because they are very nearsighted and will attack when startled or provoked.  Although their armor may look impenetrable, it is actually very sensitive, and is vulnerable to sunburns and insects. Thus they hang out in the mud to cool off and avoid getting bit by pests.

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    I think that Rhino horns are pretty cool. Rhinoceroses get their name from their horns.  In Greek, rhino means nose and ceros means horn.  Their horn is made up of keratin, the same material that makes up human finger and toe nails.   In the past, Rhino horns were believed to cure sicknesses.  Today, Rhinos are threatened by human hunters who poach them for their precious and expensive horn.

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