What is the coolest thing about being green?



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    I think the coolest thing about being green is how different and interesting the new technology is. It forces companies to think outside the box. They’re making things that wouldn’t typically be sleek and cool to be just that. Being green is about the next generation of everything basically, so by being green you’re really on the cutting edge.

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    Saving human existence doesn’t count? One would think that the literal and direct effects of green ideology would be the immediate response.

    Jokes aside, what fascinates me most about green movements are the political impacts they have. Green interest groups are increasingly the most influential in the international community, and with that kind of soft political power there are a lot of implications for new methodology that we can use to create positive force in the world. Climate change, for instance, basically creates an enemy for the entire international community, so even as they focus on fighting against it, nations cooperate and other problems, such as poverty, are also brought into the equation.

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    Knowing that you are helping a greater cause is the coolest thing. Also being educated on cutting edge technologies and practices is also cool.

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    Feeling like we’re all working together toward a common goal.

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    The coolest thing about going green is knowing that you are doing your part.  If the environment continues to get worse, at least you know that you did what you could.  Being green is a collaborative effort, and I like the idea of everyone working together to better the environment.

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    Being part of a larger movement that I can feel good about. Knowing that I am helping to preserve nature, something I take great pleasure in. 

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    The coolest thing of being green is knowing that I am doing something for the environment. It is a great feeling to know that I am helping out in my small way, on a daily basis.

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