What is the coolest recycled furniture you have seen?



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    Mountain Woodworks produces furniture utilizing wood killed by the Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle, a tree-killing pest that is currently decimating lodgepole pine populations in the Rockies. Bettle-kill wood has a distinct bluish tint that makes it ideal for decorating.

    Find them online at http://www.pinebeetlefurnishings.com/

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    The recycled iron lamp from Lamponi Lamps is a great piece because it has a gcool design and is functional and a great conversation piece. It’s made from an old Vapor iron, something I wouldn’t have considered how to recycle in an artistic way!

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    MotoArt designs home furniture out of recycled parts from real planes that are pretty cool. I also like the chairs made out of bikes.

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    Treehugger is a great website which always highlights sustainable furniture and architecture: http://www.treehugger.com/design_architecture/?dcitc=th_nav_design.

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    I absolutely love this chair.  It is made from an old suitcase, but still looks new.  This is a neat piece of furniture because it would look good in a house in which you probably wouldn’t expect to see recycled furniture.  See the link below for more chairs made out of suitcases.

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    While I like the style of the chair pictured above more, I think this cork chair is one of the more interesting pieces I’ve ever seen made from recycled/reused materials:

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    This is pretty awesome, I want it.


    They are old truck springs that have been newly made into stools. More nice pieces like this can be found at this website.

    Photo credit: http://www.thechicecologist.com/2008/12/repurposing-upcycling-the-ultimate-in-green-recycling-is-reuse/


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    I saw someone take old wine crates and completely transform them into cute night stands. She stained them to give it a darker color, but the original prints on the wine crates could still be seen so it made it look vintage.

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    Here is a list of a bunch of really cool recycled furniture: http://weburbanist.com/2008/03/26/20-eye-catching-pieces-of-recycled-urban-furniture-geeky-and-ecological-reuse-of-ordinary-objects/

    Here is my favorite from this:


    These are made from broken bike wheels!

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