What is the coolest solar powered gadget you have seen?



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    The solar backpack. It doesn’t charge much more than your cell phone or a camera, but it will work even in shade or from artificial light!

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    Here is a compilation of some of the cool solar powered gadgets out there:


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    With so many I phones out there, the smart cover charges your phone with solar power and I think is pretty cool 🙂

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    Solar powered airplanes are pretty cool. The Cri-Cri solar powered plane can fly for about 15 minutes, but that doesn’t mean that later on it won’t be able to fly for longer periods of time. Maybe when we have much greater solar energy efficiency we’ll be able to fly long distances in mini planes!

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    Solar shavers and solar caps are realy cool solar gadgets but there are also mutlifunctional solar lights that you can charge by winding, by the suns energy or even by a USB connection. You can find them on the free energy shop.

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