What is the coolest major in college that you have heard of?


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    Totally subjective – since I am a geologist, there’s no question that geology is the coolest major.

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    What I studied was by far the coolest (right alongside geology). Communication and Culture at Indiana University. It was a healthy blend of film studies, rhetoric, and performance.

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    Yup, it’s totally subjective. So what may be really cool to one person could be just ordinary to another. Some schools have an independent concentration, or “create your own major,” if that school doesn’t offer a program exactly like one you envision. To do this, you have to be very driven and be extremely passionate about what you want to study, but in such a program you could create whatever seems coolest to you.

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    Medieval studies! Not very useful, but oh so interesting. I took a class last year on science, magic, and medicine in medieval Europe, and it was amazing.

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    There are actually a lot of colleges that allow you to now design your own major. I have heard of quite a few extremely unique majors that people have achieved. Recently I heard of a man who majored in the Physcology of Villians and Heroes within Comicbooks. Since I am an avid comic fan, I feel this is pretty rad. He now works as a writer for Marvel. How perfect.

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    Some reputable schools offer really unique majors, but you have to wonder how plausible it would be to parlay those academics into a decent-paying job. Anyway, there are degrees in Adventure Education, one in Golf Course Management, and Peace Studies. Speaking from experience, however, I would not list Political Science as a cool major. At all.

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    I was an astronomy and physics/philosophy of physics joint major. By far the coolest!!!! I got to do a lot of raw data collection in astronomy – looking through telescopes and working with CCDs. In philosophy of physics, we used our experience as physics majors to examine the ontology of time travel, relativistic speeds, twin paradox, etc. Basically, we talked about the cool, sci-fi aspects of physics all day – sweeeet.

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    Being a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, there is a course I would love to take offered at Frostburg State University. The seminar explores the magical events in Harry Potter and the science behind them. Many other Universities have jumped on the Pottermania bandwagon and offer Harry Potter studies. A list of courses and the Universities offering them can be found here:


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