what is the coolest looking hybrid pr EV concept?



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    The FT-CH is a compact hybrid that slots in below the Prius and forthcoming Toyota Auris hybrid in Toyota’s range, though it remains a concept only at present. Lighter and more fuel-efficient than the Prius, the FT-CH is designed to appeal to young, urban buyers and is designed to be cheaper than a Prius. The European-designed car has a look of a smaller Prius, and feature a wheelbase six inches shorter and overall length almost two feet shorter than the famed hybrid hatch. There’s no word on whether the FT-CH will go into production, but Toyota is planning a family of vehicles branching off from the Prius.

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    Have you seen the Mazda KAAN concept car? Or the Nissan PIVO 2 concept car a few years ago? The cars look like candy! I love it when they play around with designs. It’s fun to think about what cars will look like in the future. 

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    The Peugeot Epine hybrid car is a very futuristic looking car. 

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