What is the coolest green gadget you own?



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    I want to say my veggie garden box but its not really a gadget. I also will admit that one of my more unsustainable habits is my use of water in the shower. I loose track of time and only when I finish do I realize I used gallons of unnecessary water. My friend had purchased a water pebble for himself and has claimed that it has changed his life so he let me borrow it. The Water Pebble is a device to help you conserve water by timing you as you take a shower. It has an easy lighting system and gradually reduces the time you spend in the shower with the water on during subsequent showers. I have yet to buy one myself but its pretty nifty. To see a whole lot of cool green gadgets that I definitely cannot afford visit http://www.coolgreengadgets.com/.

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    My coolest green gadget is my compost rotator!  It is one of the large black bins with a handle that rolls the compost.  I still like to take it out and turn it from time to time, but the rolling compost bin really helps!  And this way we divert all our kitchen scraps and coffee grounds from the landfill, and end up with a wonderful organic soil amendment for our yard.

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    Mine would probably be my bike!  I don’t have a car so I just bike or walk everywhere. 

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    Our garden has solar powered lights next to the sidewalk. I’m not sure exactly what kind we use, but here is a link to some:


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