What is the coolest environmental job you have heard of?



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    There are many cool environmental jobs that are out there. I think the best environmental jobs are the ones where you actually make a difference. It is great to see your work pay off. Activist jobs are fun because you can fight for something that you are passionate about. Work is always more fulfilling when you are passionate about the subject. Getting up every day and fighting for a cause that you feel for, while getting paid is a great job.


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    I’m a big fan of wildlife rehabilitation, where you work directly with young, sick or injured animals and take care of them until they’re ready to release to the wild.  These animals would die without help, and often the reason they’re in trouble in the first place is due to human interference in their lives.

    You can get a permit to rehabilitate wildlife home, or you can intern or volunteer at a local wildlife rehabilitation center. Often you don’t even need prior experience! The only downside is you usually aren’t paid much, as these places tend to be non-profit.

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    One of the best environmental fields is eco-tourism. It is a diverse field with plenty of cool positions to pick from. Tour guides, on-site educators, naturalists and leaders in adventure travel. 

    The pay may be sub-par to other environmental fields, but who cares when your job is most people’s vacation. 

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