What is the coolest bookstore in Oregon that has a lot of books on the environment?



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    I think Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon is a great destination for environmental books.  The store has 6 stories and pretty much has any book you can think of.  There’s literally maps throughout the store to guide you to the section you are looking for.  It’s located in the heart of Portland, and they have a lot of books on being green, global warming, and environmentalism.  Here’s a picture of one of the floors in Powell’s and happy book hunting!

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      Hi lovelyrita – do you live in Portland? If so, do you have a way I can contact you? I’d like to ask you some questions about the city, if you don’t mind.


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      Hi nsinopoli, I’d love to help, but I don’t live in Portland…I do visit the city a lot though. We have a few close friends who live in Vancouver, WA and we get together in Portland. I live outside of Seattle. Were you thinking about moving to Portland? If I can help at all you can always email me at sscolumbo@gmail.com

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    I second Powell’s! I live in Portland while not in school, and it is my absolute favorite bookstore. It has a huge main bookstore in downtown Porland, and various periphery stores throughout the area (visit their website below to see all of their locations). They have a special Home and Gardening bookstore on Southeast Hawthorne, where there are plenty of books about the environment and eco-friendly living.

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    Check out Powell’s City of Books. It’s an independant bookstore in Portland, Oregon. It has books that are published by companies like Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books.

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