What is the coolest bike you have seen?



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    I lived in Eugene and moved to Portland, so I see a lot of zany bikes as I’m going around.  Tandem bikes are really cute – my friend has one that seats three people.  I wish that I had a picture I could show you.

    The Eugene Weekly ran a story this summer about some of the nifty bikes around town.  I really like the double-height ones, especially the yellow one with three wheels.

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    I love vintage bicycles with the wicker baskets on the handle bars.  I think they’re cute and look great in photographs.

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    I’ve always been a big fan of Softride bikes, because they’re certainly different from the run of the mill, triangle-based constructions that have dominated the bike industry for the last hundred years.  

    Here’s a couple links to pictures of them.  



    I haven’t gotten to try one yet, but from what I’ve been told, they do offer a very comfortable ride despite their unconventional design. 

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    I would have to say a Penny-farthing. It looks ridiculous and unsteady, I would call it a sort of bicycle farce. The image speaks for itself, really, just look at the thing.

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