What is a cool roof?



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    Cool Roofs are a type of roof that reflects light rays. By reflecting the suns light rays, instead of absorbing like common roofs do, a home or building can remain cooler and reduce energy cooling costs.

    Consider wearing a black shirt versus a white shirt on a hot sunny day. A black shirt will absorb almost all of the light rays that hit it and therefore will be hotter to wear than the white shirt that reflects most of the rays.

    Benefits of a “Cool Roof” are a reduced roof temperature (up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit), reduced energy demand during peak hours, reduced heat island effect caused in cities, reduced air pollution and smog, and reduced waste.

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    Cool Roofs are highly reflective and emissive materials that reduce energy costs by staying up to 60 degrees cooler in the hot summer heat.  It increases the lifetime of the roof, cuts costs, and above all, keeps those inside much cooler.  According to the consumer energy center, in the summer regular dark roofs are anywhere between 150-190 degrees whereas cool roofs reach a high of 120 degrees.  There are also some rebates to help offset the cost of these roofs, even though they are very similar in price to traditional roofs.

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    A cool roof is one equipped with technology to only allow some of the sun’s rays to seep through into the building. The roof has properties of “solar reflectance”, which bounces some sunlight back upward, and “thermal emittance”, which radiates heat away from the roof. The levels of these equate to ranking of coolness. A cool roof can maintain internal temperature of a building, reduce air conditioning bills and lower the urban heat island effect. The Cool Roof Rating Council sets standards for cool roofs and maintains ratings.

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