What is the controversy surrounding the US State Department and Tar Sands in Canada?



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    The controversy over the tar sands in Canada surrounds not only the process that will take place in Canada – extracting the oil – but the pipeline that is proposed to run down the length of the USA from Alberta.

    Extracting oil from tar sands is not only complicated, it is also inefficient. For every 2 tons of tar sands that are process, only one barrel of oil is produced. For many people this feels like we are grabbing at straws trying to hold onto the last remaining drops of oil we can find in the world instead of investing money and time in renewable energy sources that are much more efficient and better for the planet in the long term.

    The controversy over the pipeline exists because it is being created in a good amount of farm land across many states, some of it even running through areas with natural water tables that are utilized by the people in that state. 

    After all the oil spills of late, and the bad track record most oil companies have with oil spills, the people in these states where the pipeline is proposed are extremely concerned that there could be an oil spill that could wipe out their water supply and seriously damage their farm land. They feel that for the benefits and cost that the tar sands have it is not enough to place the environment and lives of people in danger.

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