What is a contemporary environmentalist?



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    A contemporary or modern environmentalist is a person who is concerned about current environmental issues.  This may include a vast number of issues, as well as the methodologies to solve them.  They may differ from a traditional environmentalist in that the person may not be a direct activist (attending rallies etc) but may consider them environmentalists through their purchases as consumers (buying greener products), donating to environmental non-profits, or staying up to date on environmental issues and voting these issues when it comes time for elections.

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    Modern environmentalism is based on perfectionism; the view that man is good by nature and perfectible, and that existing evils are the product of a corrupt social system. The environmentalist utopianism is both Marxian and anti-technological/industrial. (Earlier Marxists believed strongly in technological progress.) Modern often environmentalists reject capitalism — i.e., voluntary economic exchange within the boundaries of law, civil law based on God’s standards, since such capitalism spurs the technological progress which modern environmentalists oppose.


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