What consumes more energy landlines or cell phones?



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    Landlines consume more energy than cell phones because the base is always plugged in, while cell phones are only plugged in while charging (make sure you unplug the charger when your phone is charged!).  On the other hand, cell phone batteries are toxic and, unless recycled, are bad for the environment and, as bestgreenhometips.com points out, cell phones are often lost and not properly recycled, which is a point against them.

    Planetgreen.com supports landlines over cell phones, citing the fact that gadgets on phones use more energy and that the continual upgrade to new phones is a big waste of energy.

    Still, if you hold onto the phone, recycle the batteries and the phone when it’s done, and pay attention to how much you plug it in, it seems to be a better option than the landline.

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