What is conscious capitalism?



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    Conscious capitialism or Concious Business is a belief system held by an individual or business, causing them to make decisions knowing and understanding the effects these decisions have on people and the environment and seek to make choices to yield the best outcome. Businesses have adopted their own versions of what it means to execute Conscious Capitalism.

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    On a consumer level, it’s buying products based on how ethical you believe their manufacturers to be.  This sounds nice but is shockingly difficult to pull off, partially because big conglomerates own so many familiar products and don’t advertise it.  For instance, did you know Phillip Morris -aka Altaria Group- owns Kraft Foods and Nabisco?  They’ve funded PR campaigns into denying the dangers of tobacco, pesticides and even global warming.


    The easiest way to be informed  -maybe even the only way – is to use a book or a website. 

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