What is the connection between TV viewing and weight gain?



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    When we watch TV, we are inactive, and our bodies require physical activity in order to stay fit. Furthermore, people tend to eat junk food while they are watching TV (especially on Sunday, because nothing goes better with football than nachoes.)


    Seriously though, the biggest problem doctors are finding with TV watching is the effect on children. Not only are kids that watch a lot of television more likely to be overweight, but they are often aggressive, moody and imitative of behavior seen on television (smoking, racial/gender roles, etc…) Most pediatricians are recommending that children under the age of two watch no TV at all, and that kids 2-5 watch only 1-2 hours of quality, education programming each day. 

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    Instead of choosing healthy activities like jogging, people are sitting down for several consecutive hours to watch TV.  Their metabolisms adjust to this sedentary style and slow down.  Not only is going for a jog more beneficial to your health, it also saves electricity!

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