What is the connection between tides and the moon?



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    The tides of our planet are created by the moon. Since the moon is so large its gravity has a significant effect on Earth. As the moon rotates around the Earth it pulls the ocean towards it creating a large bulge in one area causing the water levels to fall around it. Imagine laying down a towel completely flat and using your hand as makeshift gravitational pull. If you pick up the very center of the towel a couple inches you will notice the edges of the towel will recede towards the center of gravity (your hand). That is how the tides are created. Tides rise and fall daily do to the cycle of rotation of the earth. Since it takes the earth one day to make a revolution and a month for the moon to go around the Earth the tide will change on a daily basis. Check out this animation: http://www.wiley.com/college/strahler/0471480533/animations/ch19_animations/animation3.html

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