What concerns or consequences prevent more nuclear power from being generated?

Nuclear energy accounts for less than 20% of the U.S.’s energy. Why?



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    I think it is largely that the public is uneducated about what nuclear power really is.  When the general public hears about building nuclear power plants, they probably make a connection to nuclear bombs.  I think there is a lot of unease due to this association.  While consumers want cheaper and more green energy resources, they are unwilling to have a nuclear power plant in their neighborhood.  Part of the fear likely also comes from Chernobyl and the Three Mile Island catastrophies, and rightfully so.  But I think if we had more education about how well nuclear power plants can work, and how safe they can be, and compare them to coal power plant emissions and dangers we might get more support.

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    People are also concerned about waste. While nuclear waste is hazordous, it’s a very small amount and it can actually be recycled. But many things we use have less than desirable waste, and we still use them.

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