What is the concept of sustainable homes?



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    Homes can be built or remodeled to be sustainable. They can have a combination of different sustainable designs – maybe they are built using recycled materials, maybe they are designed to work with the local environment, they could have built in solar panels or other renewable energy sources, or be built to produce lower levels of CO2 than regular homes. For now, homes like these tend to belong to the wealthy and have unique architecture.  

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    Sustainable homes are typically considered to be shelters that are produced using recycled or rapidly replenishing materials, are very energy efficient, and have little to zero emissions.  Further considerations include site location, maintenance, and demolition.

    Building materials could include bamboo, straw, recycled stone or lumber, clay, and even paper.

    Most of these homes harness some form of renewable energy, usually solar power.

    Sustainable homes provide piece of mind for inhabitants, but also reduce landfill waste across the board.  60% of California’s annual waste comes from construction projects. By moving to green building solutions, this number would drop drastically.

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    The concept of sustainable development is the same concept behind sustainable homes – needs and limitations. The idea is that we have needs, but there are limitations on those needs if we want future generations to be able to meet their needs. For example, we need electricity or heating/cooling in our homes, but we don’t want power plants to destroy the world for future generations, so the solution is sustainable lifestyles/developments; ways to meet those needs without having a huge negative impact on the environment. That’s where solar energy comes from, and geothermal energy, etc. By using sustainable methods of achieving our needs, we’ll help keep Earth in good shape, for the good of everyone.

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