What is the concept of sustainable cities?



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    Sustainable cities are ones that can handle growth well, as city populations have been soaring recently. There are multiple aspects that make a city sustainable:

    transit – Should be affordable and convenient. Should not use too much fuels or emit too many greenhouses or pollute up the city.

    water supply – Make sure it’s from a renewable source and it is safe. Many cities’ water has pollution runoff and chemicals in it.

    land – Buildings should be on recycled land. Take a look at the quality of land and built what it is most suitable for.

    pollution – Includes air pollution and water pollution. Shouldn’t have too much smog or chemical runoff.

    housing – It should be affordable, clean, and green. It should also last a long time too.

    government – Should be looking out for it’s people and keeping it a sustainable city.

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